Sunday, July 24, 2011

Digital Renaissance Fair

Here's an editorial illustration I recently did for Seattle Magazine's August issue. The article was about how to bring in a wider crowd to the Renaissance Fair by incorporating some current trends in popular culture and technology to the mix. The AD Sue Boylan wanted to convey a scene in a mud pit with people playing with their various mobile devices, labtops, etc...

Here are some sketches of the concept;

I was given the ok to come up with sketches for other approaches, and I kind of liked this interpretation of an executioner tweeting. Maybe it was a little too morbid...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook

These illustrations were done for the recently released Quirk books title "The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook," a guide for would be pirate enthusiasts. I've been really fortunate to work on a number of titles for Quirk books, and not one of them has ever felt like a "job." The book was written by Jason Heller, a regular contributor to The Onion.