Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sherlock Holmes!

I've got another book coming out from Quirk Books today; "The Sherlock Holmes Handbook: The Methods and Mysteries of the World's Greatest Detective," by Ransom Riggs. The book is full of interior illustrations and it's a fun read for any fan of Arthur Conan Doyle's most loved character.

Originally I was given the task of creating a look similar to the original Sidney Paget illustrations that appeared with the published stories, but it was too daunting a task to handle. Thankfully they were happy with the look I was able to provide, and I think they conveyed the right atmosphere for this kind of subject matter.

This project required a lot of versatility in that I had to illustrate a variety of scenarios as well as objects and animals. It was a fun challenge and I love the design of the book, done by Doogie Horner over at Quirk; it looks and feels like an old hardcover novel from the 19th century.

Here are some samples:

Sherlock experiencing a bit of malaise.

Sherlock Holmes exhibiting his skills in Bartistu.

A cane is not necessarily a sign of a handicap.

Move over Errol Flynn.

Shedding a clever disguise.

The Hound of The Baskervilles.

The Victorian Opium Den as described in Holmes' world.

The Baker Street Irregulars.

The avid beekeeper.

An accomplished violinist.

The demise of Professor Moriarty.


Eddie Lin said...

Wow! You've been busy! Funny, I just saw your "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" at Barnes & Noble. Great work!

Email me if you get a chance.

Jean-Claude Mornard said...


your drawings about Sherlock Holmes are greats !
Is it possible to reproduced one of there drawings on my site "The Second stain" ?
With a link to your blog, of course (sorry for my brokken english).

JC Mornard

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon,

I am a cataloger at Indiana University and I am cataloging a book you illustrated: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

We would like to include your name in OCLC, a cooperative bibliographic database. There is already a record for Eugene Smith, but he is generations older than you are and we would like to link your name to the correct name authority record.

If you are interested could you please contact me with your middle name and/or birthdate?

Thank you,
--rachel wheeler

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Almeda said...

Wow I love Sherlock Homes. I have read much about him and his stories. You have done a great job. Nice and Creative Designs. I love it.

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Roland said...

These are very nice sir. Good show

B.L. said...

These are spectacular drawings you've created. You have a clean and attractive style that captures Holmes very well. Could I possibly have your permission to use just a few of your drawings for a video book review? It's for a Holmes novel (not the one you drew for, I'm afraid), and I'd use only three or four pictures. You'll receive full credit for them, of course. You can email me at Sorry if you hate this sort of thing or if it can't be done for legal reasons. I thought it'd be worth a shot to ask.

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