Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Like Rip van Winkle

Too much has been going on for me to keep up with the posting. I've got plenty of new sketches to put up as well as other goodies so expect them soon. I apologize for the abrupt disappearance but day job + personal work = broke ass Eugene!

On another note: I am available for commissions such as this Old School Iron Man I did about a month ago;

Old School Iron Man commission

full watercolor finishes - $175
pen & ink - $110
pencil finishes - $70

All commissions done on heavy duty cold press watercolor paper and are in the 11 x 14/12 x 16 size (default size, I'll work bigger or smaller and price accordingly). Could take up to two weeks, shipping included.

I'll be back


Bruno said...

Welcome back Eugene. :-)

dragonflyfilly said...
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dragonflyfilly said...

come up and see me sometime EUgene...

Jonas said...

Nice to see you back!

Viery nice and vivid colours. Great work.

cheesemeister said...

Classic old-school comic style. Always a good choice!

cheesemeister said...

My complaint has nothing to do with your artwork--it's your white background with the light gray lettering! I feel like someone painted my eyeballs white whenever I try to read it. I eventually get it read, but by then my eyes are crossed! Please save my eyes! Darken your font--I beg of you!

Zeppellina said...

Hi Eugene!

I haven`t been about for a while, and I see from the comments that you were taking a wee break too.
So welcome back!

I just love this illustration......

absolutely wonderful!

And good to see that your work can be bought too!

Very reasonable prices for such wonderful work I think...

An absolute must for people who want to start collecting your work before you get too famous!!!