Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Foley Catheter explained + SBC is evil.

Lot's of things have happened since three weeks ago. As some of you may know I was gone for up to a week because I was drugged out of my mind while carrying a rather invasive instrument on (in?) my person. That ordeal is over now, and although I can't wait to tell my future spawn the time their daddy was half man, half machine, I never want to go through that again. What the hell is this Foley Catheter I briefly mentioned in a previous post you may ask? Well I've decided to draw one for you:

The Foley Catheter or

Well I had my crap back together for almost a week or so, until SBC decided to crap up my internet for the last three days. Bastards. The deal is fixed and I'm back. So here's my latest creation, an accurate representation of the little, angry-imp that's been fueling my hatred lately:

Angry Man!

I'll be back tomorrow with my three monsters from the last three days!

Fuck SBC!


boko said...

I think your half man, half machine comment deserves to be illustrated :)

cheesemeister said...

I know all too well about foley catheters. In my line of work, we empty them a lot. But I like this better than the butt end of my line of work--urine is always a tad less offensive!

Cassarass said...

I can see the asshole who invented the catheter sitting in some dark room somewhere, rubbing his hands together and laughing because people actually use his invention thinking that it's a good thing.....rat bastard.

Sounds like quite an ordeal.....O__O

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